Hamburg 27.09.2007 & swr3 New Pop Festival

      Hamburg 27.09.2007 & swr3 New Pop Festival

      Sorry, ich habe gerade wenig Zeit - von daher leider erst einmal englisch (war auch gerade im Forum Audios am hochladen):

      Maria Mena live in Hamburg (27.09.2007)

      Set - List:

      You're the only one

      Few small Bruises

      Internal Dialogue


      I'm in Love again

      These Shoes

      Nevermind me

      Your Glasses

      Just hold me

      Miss you love

      I was made for loving you

      Our Battles

      Download here:


      And here is the SWR3 concert again:

      Maria Mena in Baden Baden/SWR 3 concert [39,7MB]

      Set - list:

      1. He's hurting me

      2. This bottle of wine

      3. You're the only one

      4. A few small bruises

      5. Internal Dialogue

      6. These shoes

      7. What's another day

      8. Boytoy baby

      9. Your glasses

      10. Just hold me

      11. Our battles

      Here is the download - link:


      Never heard these strange sounds in "Your Glasses" and Our Battles sounds different compared to the SWR3 concert.


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