New Album out in 2015! >>GROWING PAINS<<

      New Album out in 2015! >>GROWING PAINS<<

      As we already noticed Maria started writing new songs.
      I wonder when the album will come out. Actually she is used to publish her albums in autumn, but this would be too soon I guess, so it would be autumn 2015, which is a loooong time :D On the other hand Maria once said that she wants to bring out a christmas album, so maybe she is currently working on this project?
      What do you guys think?

      Wir wir ja bereits mitbekommen haben, hat Maria bereits angefangen an neuen Liedern zu schreiben.
      Nun frage ich mich wann das Album wohl rauskommen mag, denn eigentlich veröffentlich sie ihre Alben immer im Herbst, aber das wäre zu kurzfristig denke ich. Also wäre es erst im Herbst 2015 soweit, was wiederum seeehr weit weg ist.
      Andererseits hat sie auch mal erzählt, dass sie ein Weihnachtsalbum rausbringen will. Vielleicht arbeitet sie also gerade an diesem Projekt?
      Was denkt ihr so?
      <3 ... This too shall pass ... <3
      Wobei Herbst 2014 so wie ich weiss hatte sie letztes Jahr
      ein komplettes Album (fast) fertig das eher Akkustischer Natur war.

      Das hat Sony dann aber abgelehnt und sie musste nochmal ins Studio.
      Könnte sein das sie mit dem doch noch kommt. Und davon hat sie auch mal
      was gesagt das sie sowas machen will.

      Aber ob sie schon wieder nach 1 Jahr ein neues Album bringt.
      Glaub ich fast nicht. Da wär wohl weihnachtsalbum eher machbar.

      Ich lass mich überraschen. :D
      Carina: Maria talks about the acoustic project here: Not sure if it's a full album that she had begun making - but she had a theme and then put it away. ETA: I don't know where Sandra's information is from, though. Maria talked on Norwegian radio in December last year about writing songs for an acoustic project, and that she had written four songs so far ( That's why I think there are two different projects she works on now.
      Frkeske: I know this Interview (i was there when we recorded it ;-)), but she does not say when and where and the interview is nearly one year ago. But that she is doing an acoustic tour in norway in fall might also be sign?? Are you going to one of these shows frkeske?
      <3 ... This too shall pass ... <3
      Well, that interview and the radio interview are the only two times that she's spoken publicly about working on an acoustic project. So, not many clues, really. Back when she made "Viktoria" (I think), she wrote a total of 19 songs (after my count, if I remember correctly) but there were only 11 songs on the album, plus two bonus tracks available for the German audience. She is doing an acoustic tour but I'm not sure if it's particularly related with the acoustic theme of her project. I might go to the Oslo concert, I haven't decided yet, as Maria's latest album isn't all that to me. Sure, it's a decent album - but with both "Viktoria" and "Weapon in Mind" there has been this one track that I'd rather leave out, and some of the lyrics for WiM are just boring to me. Now, obviously I love Maria's music and it means a lot to me but I do hope that she will find new inspiration in terms of lyrics at some point. Oh well... I know another Norwegian fan who will go to the Oslo concert so I think I'll buy a ticket next week.
      I really think that it is possible that she is also working on an acoustic project. Possible is everything. In an other interview ( I forgot where and when, sry) she also said that she might continue doing a second album in the stile of wim. So at least we just can wait or hope for another interview.
      With the acoustic tour. I did not think that she will play new songs but that she maybe wants to figure out how the audience reacts to acoustic music or/and how she feels with that. Or it is just a dream come true for her. Or maybe this is kind of compensation for her (maybe because she needs to lay the acoustic project aside...) or for the fans (who where maybe a bit disappointed in wim). head is full of possibilities :D Just spinning around :D
      We can just wait.
      What do you mean with that one track that you´d rather leave out?
      I gues the acoustic tour will also include some old songs, so that it could be interesting for you, too! I really hope I can go there (but only the stars know...) :)
      <3 ... This too shall pass ... <3
      Carina: Sounds like all we can do for now is wait. There is also the mutual admiration between Sam Smith and Maria, that might lead to a collaboration (as Maria has been in touch with him/his management). There are many possibilities with the tour. But for some reason I really wish she would visit the UK and play there, maybe in a similar way to how she did two Swedish concerts last year.

      I mean that with "Viktoria" I kept wanting to skip "This Too Shall Pass", and with WiM I think "I Love You Too" should have been somewhere else on the track list or left out. This is only my own opinion, of course. Those songs are nice songs but for me they don't really fit the sound when they've been placed in the order that the track list is. On the other hand "Takes One to Know One" and "Money" are good songs (among my favourites). And sometimes I think that if "The End" had been put on WiM between "Madness" and "You Make Me Feel Good", maybe I wouldn't have that feeling that "I Love You Too" should be somewhere else. "You Hurt the Ones You Love" gets to me every time, though, so sometimes I wish it would be the final song. :)

      I'm sure the acoustic tour will be perfect for Maria. She really has the voice for it.
      But it was in january when maria contacted Sam Smith management and I guess that if there ever will be a collaboration it will take some month since smith published his new record and needs to sell this first. But ok. STOP with speculation now :D

      I am glad that "The End" is put as the last song, because it has a psychological very challenging theme. So you are able to blend it out when you are not able to listen to it.
      But I don´t concentrate on the order of the songs. I click on the song I want to listen to. I do not very listen to the whole album in a row. Too challenging, to many topics, to much rollercoaster for my soul ;)
      <3 ... This too shall pass ... <3
      At least Sam Smith can introduce Maria's music to a new group of people! :) And when Maria had Mads Langer on "Habits" we didn't really know until the album was released (at least from what I can remember I didn't know he was going to feature on the album before I saw the track list).

      I understand why "The End" is the last song, and it's a wise decision. But I think I'm an album person, like, I often put on albums and listen to them from start to finish. It's interesting that you have a different way of listening to Maria's albums. :)
      Well, I like to listen to whole albums too. If I do so, that´s kind of a trip which needs a good order of songs to get the right "touching" effect. It´s the same with concerts. If musicians just place songs on their setlist without thinking about how the interact with each other, the audience will not be that glad I guess. ;) Maria did that very well on her WiM tour. "Hurt the ones you love" was the last song and I was really happy with this decision because it´s a very powerful song which leaves you thinking about the lyrics while you´re in a happy mood because of the melody of the song.

      WiM isn´t my favourite album. Although I really like it, I would´t mind an acoustic album. Maria knows well how to do acousting songs. So I´d be really glad to listen to some of them. As she started working with Martin Sjolie again - hope I got that right on Instagram - I guess her next project will be different to WiM. I don´t think that its a "real" acoustic album. Probably it´ll be something inbeetween WiM and Cause & Effect which comines the classic "Maria sytle" with her new sound. But I guess we really can´t do anything else than just wait for it. :)

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      Migi: It's interesting to read your take on this. Martin's last name is Sjølie (with the Norwegian ø), which isn't possible to put as a Twitter/Instagram name because of the Norwegian letter. :) I have to admit that I'm very curious about what she has been writing about this time around.
      Yeah, I know his name, but my german keyboard here doesn´t have this norwegian o. ;) I just meant that I´m not exactly sure about, but if I remeber it right she wrote that she started working with him again.

      But we´ll see.. Next task is to get to Oslo for the Trio tour. :D