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      RE: Hallo zusammen...

      Original von Stefan
      Ich bin Stefan. 17 Jahre und ich spreche keine Deutsch haha.. No, i'm sorry. I only can read it.

      I've created the Dutch fanclub. I have a girlfriend.. no I have 2 girlfriends. Desiree and of course Maria hahaha ;)

      Hi Stefan,
      you´re very welcome here :)
      Hope your girlfriends know about each other. :D
      Stay tuned!
      And all this time, all this time, you´ve had it in you, just sometimes need a push.
      Philipp Poisel Fanclub - - -
      Dann will ich mich auch einmal vorstellen :)

      Ich heiße Tom und bin noch 18...ach ja, komme aus Siegburg (bei Köln/Bonn).

      Habe einfach mal den Text aus meinem MySpace kopiert - deshalb englisch...sorry!!!

      ~I like ~
      -Music [Maria Mena, Amy Winehouse, P!NK(!!!),Shakira, Damien Rice, Rob Dougan, Sia, The Working Title, Beth Hart (!!!)] is my life- I don't know why but the best songs are those in which there is some, as you say, self-flagellation, some pain, some...some nostalgia, right? Nostalgia is a very fruiful feeling...and a very sick one as well. At times, I feel nostalgic even of things I haven't lived. I like Rock,'s the kind of cocktail I like...but I like rock more than any other type of music. So of course I like my Ipod :p

      -I love surprises, but the good ones, you know?

      - Languages

      -Piercings...I have one. I ever thought that it would hurt ...but I didn't! It makes you addicted ... you want more and more...more...more.

      -concerts...ein schönes Zitat von einer Freundin von mir vom letzten Konzert "OMG der Bass! Der ging ja bis in die Hosenbeine...oder manch anderen auch bis in die Titten" xD

      ~ I don't like ~

      -Doubts are necessary devils, right?!

      -Lies...Do you lie? No. I exaggerate :)
      Do you tend to exaggerate? A little.
      Is exaggeration creative? Yes.

      -People who bully other people...It's one of the worst things that can happen to you! I have my own experiences! I had a fear, I was trying to be something that I thought other people would like me for...I was too afraid to be myself...and behaving this way really took my life down. But at at certain point I remembered who I used to be...I used to be strong and healthy AND having a passion...I want it to get out there what I have been through and how grateful I am to be alive again and hopefully to get this message across to someone out there thinking the day has messed up soo bad...everybody messes up...that's part of beeing a human and learning and I think we really learn until we touch the fire and burn our hands...we don't learn till we touch the stove, you know?! We don't need to create drama in our life cause life is gonna kick us in our matter what...all we gotta do is take care of us and life will gonna take us on our ups and downs. I think that's find something and believe in yourself enough to work on it...a passion. You gonna have pain too, there is NO free ride for any of us...and I don't mind :)

      -Fur Coats are worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People!--> Beyonce & Co.

      -McDonalds & Co....(Massenvernichtungslager #1)

      -Mein Essen...denn des schmeckt selbst mit Maggi nicht *g*

      Every day I sacrifice my life for an idea, for an ideal.I can continue communicating my other ideas to the rest of the world. May they never take that possibility away from me. People perceive me in different ways, like they do with everyone. There are those who think I'm sensitivy, others, susceptibility, other, impulse.

      How would I like to see the world? Without everything would be green and not red from blood staining...Like when it was made.

      And...what?...Freedom? Not with a capital "F". Not as I want it to exist

      If my life can be useful to several,then all the better. I'll continue doing what I do.
      My compulsions? I have several. One is perfectionism...another is chocolate...and another is kissing.
      I'm a self-declared necrophobic. My worst nightmare? I really don't remember having any fears as a kid.I think I have more fears now as an adult. Because, in general,one is afraid of the unknown, right?
      -My head is my master. So I have to tell it...that's enough! We'll talk tomorrow.
      -No, not repressed. Pressed. Depressed? No. Oppressed. Oppressed?Not that either.Distressed.