Project Fanclub Calendar 2016

      Project Fanclub Calendar 2016

      Hello to everyone of you guys!
      In the last couple of days we came up with the idea to create a Maria Mena Fanclub Calendar for 2016. The idea and the plan is that this calendar is filled with YOUR PHOTOS. The photos you took during concerts or somewhere else. We thought that it would be a cool idea to have every month show one pic with Maria on stage. In case you have any other ideas or wishes - let us know.

      To get an idea of what it will look like, the picture shows you three pages (these pictures will not be in the calendar, they are just there for demonstration). It will be a calendar for your desk.

      To make sure that the calendar will be at your home we have to make a small timetable:

      Step 1: The next few days you can check out your photos and think about which one you want to send in. Please make sure that they have a pretty good quality. The size of the calendar will be 29,7x10,5 cm.
      Step 2: You can send your photos via eMail to us til a certain date.
      Step 3: We will upload your pictures anonymously on our board and then everyone can rate the pictures. The best 12 win and will make it into the calendar.
      Step 4: We collect your orders until a certain date. The price will be max. 15 Euros plus the shipping from Germany to your country.
      Step 5: We order the calendars and send them to you.
      Step 6: Enjoy!

      At least- please let us know if you are interested in that calendar!
      Love, Carina

      <3 ... This too shall pass ... <3

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      • You can send us your pictures from 7th to 23rd October
      • I will upload your pictures at the following weekend, so
      • you can vote from 26th October to 6th November
      • the winners will be announced at the following weekend
      • After that you can order the calendar til 20th November (the money must be there til then, too)
      <3 ... This too shall pass ... <3
      Oooooo, crap! I forgot to send pictures! I can still do that, and why don't you pick out more pictures of Jalissa or Dirk because I know for a fact Jalissa's pictures are amazing. And people got a chance to send pictures, but no one did. It's a nice project, so If I can't send any more in, I think you should just pick the nicest 12 of Dirk and Jalissa :thumbsup: