Fan mail Maria?

      Fan mail Maria?

      Ey everyone,

      I've got a quick question. I am not a Maria Mena fan at all, but my best friend is. Since she's going through hard times right now, and Maria's music is often what she listens to then, I wanted to ask Maria if she'd be willing to send her some kind of message of support. Now, 2 questions for you guys:

      Does Maria have a fan mail address (preferably an e-mail address)? I have Googled my ass off, but I can't find it?

      Do any of you have any experience messaging her? Does she answer fan mail? If so, does she respond quickly, or does it take awhile? Have any of you asked her a special request, and is she willing to do that?

      Hope you can help me out, thanks in advance :)
      Hi there, TB1988.

      The others at this board might have an answer for you that's better than mine - but I do know for sure that Maria has a manager, his name is Rune Lem and his e-mailadress is:

      I've heard of people who have got in touch with Maria through contacting her manager. I haven't done this myself though so I have no idea if you will get in touch quickly. Other than that there is Maria's official Facebook page and she also has an Instagram account. She uses Instagram most frequently of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have never heard that she has a fan mail address but I would suggest trying to get in touch with her manager. From what I remember from the past people have sent letters and gifts to her manager's office.
      I already looked into different social media, but it seems she doesn't respond there much. Besides, what I want to tell and ask her is deeply personal, so I don't want to do that on Facebook anyway. So I was kinda hoping there is some e-mail address specifically for fanmail.
      You can always try to send her a message on her official facebook page. I know that she reads them all.
      I have also gotten a response there. However, be aware that she is extremely busy and gets a lot of messages, so she might not have time to respond to all messages.
      Haha off course, how stupid of me. I didn't realize you can also send private message to a page. I had this idea in my head that you could only post messages on her wall, because she has a page rather than a normal account (hence the privacy concerns). Thanks limpy, you made my day :)
      Just a short message! I contacted Maria through FB twice and she replied to both messages within a few hours. One was about me meeting her for the first time and the second time I was stuck in Oslo (flight delay) and I asked her for help, it was so funny that she actually replied

      She is really sweet and she will try to help if she can!
      So what I want to know, is how you all meet Maria after a concert? I mean, I wouldn't know in the world what to say to her if I meet her (for the first time). Do you just wait until she leaves the accommodation of the concert? Would love to meet her some day, she seems so inspirational.
      Hello Marit, i was on two concerts on her Growimg Pains Tour in Osnabrück and Bremen. But she didn´t came out to meet her fans. I wanted to talk to her as well, and just say to her, that she is so inspirational , she made me overthinking about Positive Thinking even after bad experiences. I know, that she did meet fans after concert years ago. I gave a letter for her to one of her band members after concert, I think she got the letter. have a nice day, Marit. When did you discover Maria Mena for you? Do you know about her facebook page, what she posts there.. it is often very beautiful and emotional..
      Hi MartinP. I started listening to her music years ago! I've been to several concerts but unfortunately i never got the chance to meet her as i had to leave soon after the concert ended because of public transportation times. Yes, i'm following her on facebook and instagram, very inspirational :)
      Hi Marit. Thank you for answering. I know Maria Mena since her big success with "Just hold me" and "All this time" in about year 2006. I collected all Albums and MCD´s released by her. With the last two Albums I discovered thet she is always getting better.. On "Growing Pains" there was somehow a song sounded like R´n´B like Rihanna or Beyoncé and one song sounded like U2 in their best form.. I saw her her on her "Growing Pains Tour" for the first time Live Performing, because the Locations weren´t too far for me. Which tours did you see with Maria Mena, or with which Albums? Have a nice start in the week, Marit..