Thoughts, opinions, questions & talk about GROWING PAINS

      Thoughts, opinions, questions & talk about GROWING PAINS

      The new record is out now for some days, so I thought it is time to give you space to share your thoughts, opinions, questions on GROWING PAINS.

      Lets TALK =)
      What is you favorite song and why?
      What does this record makes you feel like?
      Can you relate do it?
      <3 ... This too shall pass ... <3
      If I had to choose one favourite it would be "Bend till I Break". I really like the melody and the song has made me cry since the first time I heard a recording of it from a sound-check. After reading the booklet it stuns me that she gives such a level of detail that she does in her lyrics.

      If I could choose two favourites they would be "Bend till I Break" and "Good God". "Good God" is a song that goes outside of the predictable and I like the way her voice gets to be in the center.

      If I could choose three favourites they would be "Bend till I Break", "Good God" and "Not Sober". "Not Sober" is a song that makes my heart ache, not because I recognise the situation but because I recognise the feelings the song describes.

      For the second single off of this album I'd choose "Good God" or "Leaving You". It will be interesting to see which song is being picked, when the time comes.

      I don't relate to entire songs on this album. The things I relate to are certain phrases or details, not the situations. For example feeling like a failure (in reference to "Not Sober") is something that I relate to but I don't drink alcohol so for me it's more of a recognition of certain times that I've felt like a failure. I also like how this album is a very chronological one, at least compared to Apparently Unaffected (which was also made after a break up). In addition to that, I'm impressed by how certain metaphors or lines in different songs are linked to each other.
      I could probably write a whole book with all of my thoughts about this album. I just love it and it speaks to me on so many levels. That's why it's hard to choose a favorite song... But I suppose I have a few. Leaving You because it reminds me of when I broke off with my mother, I have no further contact with her. But also Growing Pains because I think it relates to most relationships, even the really bad ones because of what you learn. "And just because it hurts doesn't mean it isn't worth it"....

      There is a specific line in Good God that always makes me smile and it's "his love for me was much like a father's. Mandatory care for a daughter." And it reminds me of how much my own father loves me. So despite the melancholy of the song, it brings me joy.

      And Not Sober is a song I relate to, I've had many such moments in my life, but like frkeske, I don't drink. But you don't need to in order to relate. It's been a while since I had such moments. I have come a long way and I think that's what this song tells me most of all.

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