So i've been asking myself, what's the best way to support not so big known artists? I mean, I bought the album of course and didn't download it. But now i'm streaming on spotify as well instead of listening the bought album on itunes. Is this more helpful? Sometimes I just aks myself how much an artist makes from spotify, cause i always think it's not that much...
      I prefer the album or EP on CD, but sometimes the EPs are not available on CD but only as Download on iTunes, amazon etc..
      Last times I use spotify as well, because some playlists are very interesting for me, like the ones of Moby or Dillon, where they share their favorite artists on their playlist.
      Maybe this link tells you something about streaming: it is about Geoff Barrow criticising streaming services. but it seems not clear, if Geoff Barrow is right...
      Yeah I think he could be right. I've heard some artists that don't want their music on streaming sites like spotify, because they think they don't get paid enough for it. Which I can understand. But then again, I still think: money is money :p But when you're a star like beyonce or justin bieber, i can understand if you decide to not upload it on spotify because of a kind of demonstration. They have enough money already :)
      I think, these streaming services are okay, if I only want discover new Artists or if I want to know about playlists from Artists, in which they show their favorite music. But when I like a shown artist there very much, I will buy their CD or Download. But you are right, that some artists don´t like to share their music on these streaming services because of a kind of demonstration.