New album out in 2018?

      New album out in 2018?

      This week Maria has published two music-related posts on Instagram:

      First this one - on Wednesday:

      And today a clip from one of her new songs:

      I've saved various things from last year that Maria has shared about her songwriting process:

      "I need more words that rhyme with "borders" and i need ir to not be put in a sentence that sounds like a bad adult movie!!! M

      @mariamena_no hoarders, hors d'oeuvres, mortars, courters, more turds

      @Madsgburheim challenge accepted. Neste plate skal ha ordet hors d'oeuvres (syyyykt ord!!) i seg. 2018.. Look out!"

      (April 1 2016,

      "! I'm in a nostaglic R&B music listening-phase and it seems to be working in my favor cus i WROTE A SONG IN MY SLEEP AGAIN!!! Woop woop!!! subconscious somgwriting is my fave! i'm celebrating with some Craig David" (October 6 2016,

      It will be exciting to follow Maria's process towards the release of a new album! :) This year Maria will play concerts in April, then some summer concerts, and several concerts in November and December. You can read more about the concerts in the topic UPCOMING CONCERTS.

      It seems likely that 2018 is the earliest that we can expect to hear new material from Maria.
      I think many people were surprised when Maria released an album in December 2015 - December is usually a tough month to release new albums because of all the Christmas music that people spend their time listening to.

      But it will definitely be interesting to find out which direction the sound and the lyrics are taking this time!