• Maria has contributed a song for a Norwegian feature film. Here you can listen to the song in the trailer. It begins at approximately 45 sec:

    “Hjem til Jul” (Eng.: “Home for Christmas”) celebrated its worldwide premiere already at the beginning of September at the film festival in Toronto. It is scheduled to be released to Norwegian cinemas on Nov 12th.

    The script is based on a series of novels “Bare mjuke pakker under treet” (only gentle presents under the Christmas tree) by the Norwegian writer Levi Henriksen and tells the story about the last hours before the exchanging of gifts on Christmas eve. It is set in the little village of “Skogli” where everyday life of people in different life situations is portrayed. Here the state of emotion of the characters stretches from deep conciliation to the point of despair and strong frustration. Thus the movie balances between deeply tragic as well as melancholic moments and humorous and easygoing moments.

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    Me -

    Bin gespannt auf den Film und den Song von Maria. Der kleine Ausschnitt hört sich ja schon gut an. :)