• - We should have been making out all the time

    Maria Mena has her video of her dreams played out already in her head.

    - Who are you starstruck by when you meet them?

    - Very very few. But, I was when I met Stevie Wonder backstage on an intimate Prince-concert. And earlier I've lied and said that I have shaken hands with Stevie Wonder, but I didn't. I was asked if I would like to shake hands, but I didn't dare to and I said no. What are you supposed to say to him that he hasn't heard before?

    - Which famous people who lives today would you ask out for the dinner of your dreams?

    - Oh! That would have been an intimate dinner with only me and James McAvoy. And then it should have resulted in getting laid, haha. He is on my list over who I am allowed to be unfaithful with. I've been thinking a lot about the fact that I hope it ends up at a point where he can star in my video and we should have been making out all the time, just as they do in that Kent-video...

    - Why James McAvoy?

    - Have you seen "Atonement"? That movie speaks for itself. I rented it again lately and I saw it five times the same night. And I have been putting up posters of him.

    - Do you ever get to hear that you look like someone?

    - No, not really. Except from in the children's school, back then they thought I looked like Queen Latifah,  haha. They called me bongo-Mena. But I do get questioned quite often if I want to work as a model when I am travelling abroad.

    - What do you answer then?

    - No thank you. That I work as artist, and I think it sounds like it is more boring to work as a model.

    - What is it that you are the most afraid of?

    - Right now it is that someone might say that my record is a flop. I've been lucky until now, but if it happens it happens.

    - You are going to play at John Dee in October, why did you choose such a small venue?

    - I start stressing if I am supposed to play at Rockefeller. Last time I did that, I had a bad feeling in my stomach the entire way and I talked a lot. It is Oslo! It is huge! It is that venue that you have been in often, as a part of the audience and you've seen the biggest artists play. I've never been as nervous as before my Rockefeller concert.

    - Did you watch your live performance from David Letterman again?

    - No, I don't know why I should have. It is as if you have to see yourself screw up on the celebration you have because you've finished school, why would you do that? You don't learn anything from watching your most embarrassing experience over again, you can't fix it anyway.

    - You have very personal lyrics and you are open in interviews. Are you as candid in your everyday life?

    - Yes, but this time I've surpassed myself in the lyrics on the new album. That might be why I am so nervous about the reviews. I often think about it, that I maybe should be little less honest, but I think I have a form of honesty-touretts.

    Translation: Thea Bjertnes

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