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    Maria Mena tells us about personal lyrics, German stalkers and ambitions to become an author.

    Maria Mena has been a pop star since the middle of her teenage. It is quite incredible, but "Cause And Effect" is the 22 year old's fourth record.

    Side2 meets Mena the same afternoon that the most eager critics in Akersgata has directed their sharp knives in the Oslo girl's direction once again.

    - Even though the reviews so far are differing substantially, it feels surprisingly releasing to be back. I am doing great these days, she sparkles.

    Is accused of social pornography

    - You are being accused by VG because they think you are being social pornographic  with your very personal lyrics. What are your comments on that?

    - In a way I knew that "Cause and Effect" would be received differently. The reviewer in VG writes that my lyrics are too much of the good thing, and I just have to respect his opinion. So far there has been three reviews and they all give different views of which quality this record has (Aftenposten gave 5 out of 6, Dagbladet gave 4 out of 6 and VG gave 3 out of 6). Naturally I choose to believe in Aftenposten's 5 out of 6, Mena says and laughs.

    She reveals that the press's reactions are mirroring the opinions her friends have.

    - Some of them dig that I expose myself, but others are more like VG's reviewer. Hehe.

    - Gets over some crap

    - I decided in advance that on this record I should write about some of the crap I've  experienced. I am looking back on this I've experienced before, nothing that reflects my situation today. I could have portioned out the content on several records, but I chose to put everything onto one record, Mena explains.

    Mena seems to have a relaxed feeling about the attention she has gotten from the press and media.

    - I was told just now that I'll be on TV2 tonight. I went like "do I really have to?". But I do know how many bands and artists who had been incredibly grateful to get that attention, she says.

    Big on the continent

    It isn't only on home ground that audience watches Maria Mena's carreer. Both the German and the Dutch people have clasped her to their bosom. But that, too, haven't happened without drama.

    - It is going really good in both Germany and the Netherlands at the moment, and the two fanclubs that I have in each of the countries, are fighting tooth and nail. It is important to them to be number one with the latest news and they are mean to each other on the internet, she laughs.

    The leader of the German fanclub have even become Mena's first real stalker.

    - I was eating at Delicatessen on Grünerløkka a while ago, and suddenly he came walking outside the window. He didn't see me, but he'll get cred for being an "expensive stalker" who travelled all the way from Germany.

    To keep in touch with the non-stalking fan base, Maria has an own blog.

    - These days I mostly write about music related things. But when I started blogging, I didn't really understand that I put things on the internet where everyone is able to see it. Never drink and blog, that is my advice!

    Looks ahead

    Mena has toured non-stop the last three years, and with her new record she has more than enough to keep her busy. But despite this she is looking forward to do other things than music gradually.

    - Before I do something new after this record, I want to travel around the world with only a backpack and a small amount of money, like all of my friends have done. I am in that age where you should do such things, she says dreamy.

    Maria does also have some thoughts about what she wants to further in her career.

    - On my next record I want to do something else. Write about other people, perhaps? Until now there have been much brutal honesty and intense feelings. Right now I think of writing about everyday love, for instance. For example, I think it is very interesting that people can live together for fifty years.

    A coming author?

    - I would really like to try my hand at being an author. I've always dreamed about that. But first of all I think it will be something I do for myself. Then we will have to see if anyone is willing to publish it after I've got some help with all the og/å-mistakes.

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