• Honest and uncovering about her life

    In a week Maria Mena's fourth album will be released. There she tells her story as undisguised as never before. Not because she wants to, but because she has to.

    Maria promises that the album will surprise because she is exposing herself and the people close to her, both when it comes to good and bad things.
    - Would that mean that you are both hailing and campaigning against them?
    - Yes, a bit of both. Not exactly tormenting, but I give both praise and criticism.
    At the age of 22 the Oslo-girl has travelled and experienced more than others have during an entire life. In calm periods Maria is out travelling two - three days a week. The artist has got Europe as her playground. That is the reason why Dagbladet had to schedule their interview with Maria between landing and take off.

    It is one week left until the record "Cause and Effect" is being released, and she says this is her most personal record of all the records she has released. And those are big words, because the previous three are really candid.
    - Why so personal?
    - I wish I didn't have such a strong need to be so personal. When I think of reasons why, I think that deep down it is a wish and a need to be accepted.
    - It is a form of therapy - like letting day light in on trolls so that they burst, says Mena.
    The young girl Maria Mena has become a woman. She isn't any longer ashamed of her height, and she wears shoes with real heels. But it is early in the morning, she has been awake since 4 AM, and she isn't really awake yet. Despite this and although she would rather be withouth the blitz and the stares from other travelling people, she is elegant.

    But exactly the content of what she sings about, she doesn't want to reveal. She doesn't want to talk about it, people get to hear and read the lyrics when the record is released.
    - I've been returning to being as honest as I am in my diaries. I mention many in my presence in the lyrics - both when it comes to good and bad things. Those who are written about in the lyrics, have heard what I sing so that it doesn't come as a shock. I tell my story, says Mena - who had to make this record as candid and revealing as she promises that it is.
    She describes "Cause and Effect" as a grown up record which is more vocal demanding than earlier - an album that inspires reflection.
    - You know what, I have never been happier than now. I am doing really good and with this record I have described important things in life.

    Hotel rooms, airports and club scenes round about in Europe are to consider her home. She is more on the road than she is home in her apartment.
    - It is fun on tour, I like that life. When I live in and travel with a bus I feel like a real rock star.
    - I get driven hard, therefore I have become a good live artist, says Mena who will tour a lot in Europe this autumn - but she will also have time for a couple of gigs in Norway.
    She describes "Cause and Effect" as a varied and at times quiet journey in her personal universe. Here is pop, country, russian folk music and ballads defined in her way.
    - I have switched producer, Arvid Solvang thought it was time I got someone else to spar with. I guess it was time, and I am very satisfied with what I and Martin Sjølie have made.

    Original-Artikel - Übersetzung: Thea Bjertnes

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